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299.00 SEK 299.00 Bromma Hobby AB New
BMW 535 i
Tysk Polis - POLIZEI
ref: Schabak 1153
skala 1/43
Modellbil i diecast metall
Tillverkad i Tyskland
öppningsbara dörrar och luckor
SCHABAK Automotive Models have been designed so that they can be assembled or dissassembled.
All parts have been precisely manufactured and are assembled with pressure fit at the factory
Almost no parts are glued together. 
Parts that have come loose, can be reassembled easily by inserting them in the proper position and applying pressure.

Lägg till i varukorg:

  • Modell: 1153
  • Fraktvikt: 300gram
  • 7 Antal i lager
  • Tillverkad av: Schabak
  • Skala 1/43

Produkten lades till Friday den 18 October, 2013.

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